What is Fascial Stretching?

What is a Fascial Stretching Workout Like?

Why should I try it?

Fascial stretching, also known as Connective Tissue Release, is a fast and effective way to improve mobility, provide pain relief, and restore optimal function to your body by releasing tension in the fascial system.

Fascia is collagen-based connective tissue that forms a continuous matrix throughout the body.  Fascia surrounds individual muscles, muscle bundles within individual muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves.  It provides structure while allowing motion.  However, when there are fascial adhesions or scarring, which can be caused by repetitive motion, injury, over training, poor nutrition, etc then the tissues can not move the way it is designed to move.  The tension that is  felt is a result of these adhesions and restrictions.

Workouts involve Lisa anchoring the client’s connective tissue, using her foot.  The client will then be guided through a series of movements.  These stretches are client driven, allowing the the client take charge of their own pain and release areas of fascial tension and adhesions.

The client is in charge of the intensity of the workout at all times.

These deep, powerful stretches are very effective and fast.   And you owe it to yourself to try it.  If you have tried stretching, foam rolling, massage or rolfing and your tension doesn’t seem to go away, then it is time this technique.  Clients are able to get results with this technique even if they haven’t gotten the results they desired with other things they have tried.

A few of the conditions it can help are:

            • low back pain
            • muscle tightness
            • joint restriction
            • plantar fasciitis and foot pain
            • frozen shoulder
            • tennis and golfers elbow
            • carpal tunnel
            • knee and ankle pain
            • hip/sciatic pain
            • neck pain and headaches
            • tendiniitis
            • poor mobility and range of motion
            • Knee pain
            • muscle pain from chemotherapy