Better than a New Years Resolution, set an “I Love Me Goal”!!!!

I would like to set a new tradition of tossing the New Years Resolution and instead want to encourage everyone to set “I Love Me Goals”, starting on February 1st.  Here is why…

New Years Resolutions:

  1. often made because people feel they “should” and not because they WANT to.
  2. resolutions like losing weight are often made in the hangover of guilty feelings about a lack of exercise or what was eaten or drunk over the holiday.
  3. Made in the rush of the holidays new years resolutions are often a reaction to what is going on over the holidays.  (i.e. I need to exercise more, I have been lazy.  I need to spend less, my budget is blown.  I need to drop some size, I think a 10 pound turkey landed on my hips.)
  4. The holidays can be crazy and we are not a good state of mind to be mindful and contemplative.

I Love Me Goals:

  1. January is a great time to think about what you would like to focus on for yourself.  What inspires YOU.
  2. Make your ILMG based on what truly inspires you.  Take the time to focus on what you really want and not what you think society expects of you.
  3. Take a few weeks to really plan out your strategies to achieve your ILMG.  Without a plan your goal, is really just wishful thinking.  Gather your resources, clear your calendar, prepare!
  4. Make sure it is a SMART goal

You deserve more than a briefly thought out resolution.  You deserve the time and thought necessary to achieve your dreams.